Why us?

Humour us while we paint a (very real) picture. You want to borrow $500,000 to buy your dream home.

Consider 3 banks, and a financial advisor.

  • Lender A (your current bank)
  • Lender B
  • Lender C

Lenders A, B and C would never promote the services of any other lender so your advice from each is limited.

Your Financial Advisor gets paid $500 in commissions from Lender A, $1,000 from Lender B and $1,500 from Lender C. Guess who they're saying is "best"?

As it transpires, lender B had the best offering for you. They were never promoted to you and you have no way of ever knowing.







Our advice

Here and now:  - Choose independent council, structure your finances and use your money wisely

Short term:       - Set goals, manage your debts and free up equity for profitable activity

Medium term:   - Pay off your mortgage

Long term:        - Enjoy your financial independence



It's all about you!

When giving advice or promoting a finance solution all our advisors ask a single, very simple question

"What would I do if it was my money?"