Straight Shooters?

Why "Straight Shooters"?

Because we're sick of people like you getting bad advice! We have met

Farmers who lost their farm because the bank "changed it's mind" and wanted their money back 6 months into a 5 year conversion project.

People paying 2 times the fees we think they should have just because it was urgent.

Customers getting the wrong finance because the recommended lender also "happened" to pay brokers the highest amount.

We're here to stop the silliness and give good, honest advice.







About us

Having spent some time in residential finance, Nigel Kelly was determined to achieve a few very simple things. Give customers good advice, and give customers honest advice. You'd think that was always the case but not so!

Advisors get paid by banks and other lenders for doing the paperwork, assessing you as a client and being their sales people. It's a fair system and works well until one bank pays more than another, or one offers "loyalty bonuses".  Suddenly one bank is always able to be "the best", the staff of whole companies are all encouraged to promote one lender over others. Very often you, the customer, have no way of knowing!

You went to get advice from an expert and had no reason to question how impartial it is, or even if it's the best advice for you. And we're here to tell you it's probably not.

That's where we differ. We put you first!

In doing so we accept that sometimes we will be paid nothing, sometimes we will be paid (by the lenders). That is our risk, not yours. You simply deserve the best products.

We deliver.