Don't be fooled

Low interest rates are not as important as minimising the lowest total repayments made on a loan.

The second option takes expertise and strategy. Contact us today!


Online insurance policies are quick and easy - much like fast food. What you really need is to make sure:

  • You have the insurance you need
  • You're paying the best price for your insurance
  • You're not paying for insurance you can't use

Don't be fooled into thinking quick and easy is best. Just  like fast food it's ultimately bad for you.

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Guiding your decisions

Think of repaying a loan as a game of chess. The banks position themselves, offer great deals and secure your business but at your next move you often find the options are limited – and expensive.

Banks make money from lending to you and employ whole teams of economists to get the best return for themselves. The banks have their strategists, and you need yours.

Let's be clear though - we're not here to make the decisions for you. Our job is to tell you what we believe your options are, and show you the benefits (and the consequences) of each option. The choice always remains in your hands.

Finance - Sometimes borrowing money is a necessary evil. Sometime you need it to get ahead, other times it's to consolidate debt and arrange payment terms to better suit you. We will simplify the process of borrowing it, and with our specialised tools and expertise we'll show you how to repay it in a way that best suits you.

Insurance - Don't be lazy. Put some effort in, get some guidance and make sure you have the insurances that meet your needs and lifestyle. It's tempting to get online and "just get it done" but can you honestly say you have what you need when you've clicked "buy now" after reading the policy documentation and all the fine print (you did read the fine print didn't you?).

Guess what the insurer will be reading when you place your claim - that same fine print. Get expert advice before you buy insurance.

Education - When is the lowest interest rate not the lowest interest rate? Should I cut up my credit card or get a higher limit? Do I keep saving for retirement or am I better off putting that money into my mortgage account? Should I top up my mortgage to buy a car or finance it another way?

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