I only want a loan!


"Why do you insist on talking to me about insurance??"

If you draw down a loan, or you pay off a loan, your financial advisor will bring up insurance for two reasons:

For your protection. Your situation has changed so your insurance may no longer match what you actually need. Borrowing money is a big enough deal, but what happens if you:

  • Lose your job
  • Have an accident and can't work
  • Die

What happens to your family, your wealth and your future?

It costs nothing to have your insurance reviewed and if you ever need to make a claim you will be very glad you made the effort.

For their protection. The law says we should (and quite rightly so!!).

You don't have to take the advice given, but we have to make you aware it's a good idea to review it







We can help.

Home Loans - We can help you with Mortgages. You might be self-employed or maybe have some credit blemishes from the financial crisis. Or maybe you have an offer from a bank already. Send it through and see what we can do for you!

Bridging Finance - You've found your dream house… yours hasn't sold and if you don't act soon you'll miss out! We have good news – fast turnaround is our specialty.

Short Term Loans - You need help to pay for a car, boat, wedding, overseas travel? Getting over the Christmas bills can be a big enough challenge! We can help.

Debt Consolidation - Struggling under the weight of bills, debts and loans? Reduce them to one easy payment at the best rate available. You will pay less overall, and could pay them off faster.

Equity Release - You have equity in your house, and need cash to take advantage of an opportunity, to grow your business or any of a number of reasons. It seems simple, but there's often a better way

Land loans - Not ready to build yet but your dream section has come on the market? We know the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Farm loans - It has become apparent there are a number of farmers needing good financial advice. We have had dealings with a few farmers unfortunate enough to be on the end of bad advice, questionable morals, and far too much expense. Talk to us. We're on your side!